Useful Information

Startup company:

  • establishment documentation, documents of establishment expenses, capital investments
  • internal accounting rules (if available)
  • accounts receivables and accounts payables
  • bank statements
  • payroll accounting
  • fixed assets accounting
  • bank statement of the credit cards

Operating company:

  • internal accounting rules
  • annual reports of prior years (auditor’s report on financial statements)
  • tax statements (tax department, maksuamet)
  • prior year annual report at the end of its financial year:
    • accounts’ balance
    • accounts receivables list
    • accounts payables list

At the date of transmission:

  • interim balance sheet vahebilanss
  • accounts receivables list
  • accounts payables list

Period starting from the beginning of financial year till the date of transmission:

  • income statement
  • payroll accounting and holiday expenses
  • fixed assets of the company and their depreciation

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