Our accounting service is an ideal solution for companies that wish to be sure that their accounting books comply with the local law, but who does not want to follow all changes in the legislation themselves, to acquire accounting hard- and software and to worry about the qualifications and training sessions of the accountant.

Reasons why it is better to use outsourced accounting services than hiring a full-time accountant:

  • managing the risks associated with changes in legislation
  • the work does not remain undone, when somebody falls ill or goes on a vacation
  • all office expenses are included in the agreed price
  • there is no need to pay an accountant or financial manager a salary and different tax payments
  • no need to organise various training sessions for the accountant
  • no expenses on an additional workstation, hard- and software
  • for a small size company the cost of accounting service is about 130-190 euros per month

Content of accounting service:

  • we inspect the compliance of the received documents with the established requirements
  • we enter transactions into the required registers
  • we store documents in a systematised way tlil the end of the contract
  • we perform accounting in accordance with the internal procedure rules of accounting
  • we prepare financial statements in accordance with effective legislation
  • we deal with calculation of value added tax, income and social tax
  • we prepare statistical reports
  • we submit the declarations and reports signed by the client to respective institutions meeting the required deadlines established in the legislation
  • we advise on how to manage its business activity, to avoid various risks and minimize taxation

Additional services:

  • analysis of the accounting system and pre-audit arrangement
  • restoration of accounting
  • preparation of annual reports, opening and closing balance at the end of the  financial year
  • advice and assistance with occured problems
  • advice on merger and aquisition operations

Service price is calculated based on the volume of processed documents and complexity of the calculation system.

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